Pasadena, Texas (1967-1993)

Brooklyn, New York (1993-2007)

Los Angeles, California (2008-)

This is a story about a pale, skinny kid growing up in East Texas in the ’70s and ’80s. As a teenager he became obsessed with New Wave music and had many adventures. When he grew older he moved to New York to become an artist, which worked out okay for a while. These days he lives in Los Angeles and has reimmersed himself in the things he loved as a kid, which include: Star Trek, comic books, science fiction, ’80s dance music, Dungeons & Dragons, and nerdy conventions. After he attended the Earth’s largest Star Trek convention in 2010 for his birthday, he taught himself to sew and make costumes. In 2014 he was awarded First Place for Best Costume at that annual convention.

This is also the story of David Gregg, a fellow Texan, Trekkie, New Waver and lifelong best friend. One kid escaped, but the other didn’t.

Although the chapters/episodes are numbered, you can generally read them in any order.

I’d like to express my endless gratitude to Giovanni Garcia-Fenech for his enthusiastic encouragement and his brilliant copy-editing skills.

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